Terms and conditions for the purchase and use of passenger e-tickets for Kaunas city public buses and trolleybuses using the Žiogas app, and privacy policy

  1. General provisions
    • These Terms and conditions (hereinafter the Terms) for the purchase and use of passenger e-tickets (hereinafter the Tickets) for Kaunas city public buses and trolleybuses using the Žiogas app determine how passengers of local buses and trolleybuses in Kaunas city can top up their account in the system and use the money in the account to top up the Tickets with the Žiogas app installed on their mobile devices.
    • These Terms are prepared in accordance with the Rules for Carriage of Passengers and Baggage on Public Transport approved by the order of the Minister of Transport and Communications, the Rules for carriage of passengers and baggage on local buses, trolleybuses and shuttles in Kaunas city and other legal acts approved by the decision of the Kaunas City Council.
    • The Žiogas app for validation of the passenger tickets for travelling on local city buses and trolleybuses, is an IT solution developed and owned by UAB Kauno Autobusai.
  2. Terms and definitions
    • The terms used in these Terms have the same meaning as in the Rules for carriage of passengers and baggage on local buses, trolleybuses and shuttles in Kaunas city and other legal acts approved by the decision of the Kaunas City Council.
  3. Account and registration
    • Passengers can purchase Tickets for trips in Kaunas city on local buses and trolleybuses by installing the Žiogas app on their mobile device and creating their own personal account.
    • After installing the app on the mobile device, passengers must register in the app by indicating their email address and, where applicable, the passenger’s right to the privilege, their name and surname.
    • When registering a passenger account, the passenger has to create the account and set its password.
    • The registration confirmation is automatically sent to the user at the indicated email address.
    • When signing up in the Žiogas app, the passenger must also indicate the type of his privilege for discount rates on Kaunas public transport, which is based on the legislation, according to his document justifying that privilege.
  4. Ticket details:
    • The Ticket contains:

4.1.1. unique Ticket number;

4.1.2. name of the Ticket;

4.1.3. full name of the passenger the tickets with discount, and where the passenger has identified the privilege on his personal Žiogas account;

4.1.4. route number;

4.1.5. driver’s code;

4.1.6. ticket acquisition/validation date and time;

4.1.7. ticket price;

4.1.8. size (percentage) of the privilege;

4.1.9. for single tickets – time remaining for the right to change the bus or trolleybus.

  1. Top up of the account in the app
    • When a passenger creates his account in the Žiogas app, he can top up his user account through the mobile bank interface using a bank card by transferring the selected amount of money (no less than 2 (two) euro) to the account of Kauno Autobusai UAB. The user will receive an email to his email address confirming top up of this Žiogas
    • After topping up the account in the Žiogas app, the passenger can validate Tickets for each trip on local buses and trolleybuses in Kaunas city.
    • The user account topped up with the corresponding amount of money in the app is used for purchasing/validating single and cumulative monthly Tickets.
    • The cumulative monthly Ticket is automatically purchased and applied during the calendar month when value of all single tickets validated during this month reaches the price of a monthly pass. The value of single bus and trolleybus tickets validated from the first to the last day of the applicable month are calculated for a monthly ticket.
    • The permitted maximum amount of topping up a user account may not exceed the price of two monthly ticets or 56 euro.
    • Unused account balance of the topped up account will be rolled-over to the next calendar month.
    • If the passenger exhausts the amount for single tickets equal to the price of monthly ticket to pay for his trips per calendar month, for the rest of the calendar month the passenger can travel free of charge on local buses and trolleybuses in Kaunas city, except for shuttle taxis; however, the passenger has to validate the Ticket in the Žiogas app every time when embarking the vehicle.
    • Žiogas user account cannot be topped up with special product such as three-year term preferential tickets etc.
  2. Validating and presenting the ticket for control
    • The Passenger must always validate the Ticket in the Žiogas app when embarking through the front door to the local bus or trolleybus in Kaunas city and using the app to scan the vehicle’s QR code or by entering the specified identification number combination indicated next to the QR code.
    • The passenger can change to another bus or trolleybus free of charge within the time indicated in the Rules for carriage of passengers and baggage on local buses, trolleybuses and minibuses in Kaunas city from the time of the first ticket validation by boarding another city bus or trolleybus and validating the Ticket in the Žiogas
    • When the value of the tickets validated during the calendar month reaches the amount of the monthly ticket set in the decision of Kaunas City Municipality Council, and passenger automatically obtains a monthly ticket (depending on the privileges chosen by the passenger in his account), the passenger must validate it each time entering the vehicle.
    • Monthly ticket that is not validated, is void.
    • A validated single or a monthly ticket is valid to the end of the route of the vehicle in which the ticket was validated. When transferring to another vehicle, the passenger must validate the ticket again.
    • The ticket is submitted for control by opening the app on the user’s mobile device. If the device is discharged or cannot be switched on, it is considered that the passenger has no valid ticket.
  3. Privacy policy
    • Kauno Autobusai UAB processes personal data of users of the Žiogas app, entered by the user when creating his account (p. 3.2-3.3 of this Procedure), and/or when topping up the account. This data is stored in the databases of the information systems of Kauno Autobusai UAB.
    • Kauno Autobusai UAB can also receive personal data from third parties (for example, bank institutions or payment service providers). The data is obtained on the basis of contracts, legal acts or any other legal basis.
    • Kauno Autobusai UAB can process automatically generated and generalised information about users for the purpose of personal data processing without seeking to identify a specific person.
    • The personal data of the users of Žiogas is collected and processed for the following purposes:
      • provision of local transportation services to customers in Kaunas city;
      • enforcement of legal obligations of Kauno Autobusai UAB;
      • implementation of legitimate interests of Kauno Autobusai UAB (for example, debt recovery, damage compensation, business transfer, etc.);
      • installation and implementation of security measures for the Žiogas app;
      • other purposes, with the consent of the user.
    • Data may be transferred to third parties who provide local transportation services in Kaunas city (for example, providers of minibus services, if such service providers join the services provided and paid with the Žiogas app), or public institutions and Kauno Autobusai UAB partners, contractors or other persons to whom the data is transferred on the basis of contracts or legislation.
    • Kauno Autobusai UAB has administrative, technical and legal measures in place ensuring the security of the personal data of users of the app Žiogas.
    • Personal data may only be processed for direct marketing purposes with the individual consent of the user.
    • Kauno Autobusai UAB may modify and supplement the scope of the processed personal data of the users of the Žiogas app and other rules specified in this section of the Procedure,by informing the user thereof. The user is deemed to have accepted the changes to the data processing rules if they continue to use the Žiogas app after receiving the information on changes.
    • Users of the Žiogas app whose data is processed have the right to:
      • have access to all user’s personal data are available to UAB Kauno Autobusai;
      • upon submitting a request in the specified form and an ID document, to receive a copy of the personal data available within 30 days;
      • requesting correction or deletion of personal data, if necessary, and if it is not in conflict with the laws and/or consistent with data processing purposes;
      • if the data is processed on the basis of consent, to withdraw the consent for processing the data for a specific purpose for which the consent was issued.
    • Other provisions related to the processing of personal data collected by UAB Kauno Autobusai are established in the Rules for the processing of personal data of UAB Kauno Autobusai approved by the Director General of UAB Kauno Autobusai.
  4. Responsibilities
    • Individuals topping up their account in the Žiogas app with cash for payment of local transport services in the city of Kaunas, using the Žiogas mobile app, are responsible for the proper Ticket marking for each trip.
    • Unmarked Ticket is void and the passenger is treated as travelling on a local transport means without a valid travel document (ticket).
    • Passengers are responsible for ensuring that their mobile devices that have the Žiogas app installed are technically fit to mark the Tickets and provide them for inspection (for example, with a sufficiently charged battery and clearly legible text on the screen). In absence of a technical option for a passenger to validate the Ticket in the Žiogas app and/or to submit it for inspection, the passenger must purchase another type of ticket for travel (for example, a paper ticket, or to validate an e-ticket with Kaunas Card).
  5. Account elimination
    • After the user has deleted the Žiogas mobile app from his mobile device, his Ticket Account and the associated account will not be deleted.
    • After reinstalling the app, the user can log in to his account using the log in information provided to him.
    • The user may instruct UAB Kauno Autobusai to cancel the account of his Žiogas app and all his personal data if such deletion is not in conflict with the laws and/or is consistent with the data processing purposes. In this case, the balance of the user’s account is refunded to the bank account provided by the user when he or she fills out and submits a special form via email or on the webpage. The formal request to refund the remaining balance on the user’s Ziogas account must be submitted within 60 calendar days from cancellation of the account.
  6. Intellectual property
    • All rights to the Žiogas mobile app, including but not limited to related IT solutions, databases, visual solutions and/or software, are owned by Kauno Autobusai UAB.
    • Žiogas is a registered trademark of UAB Kauno Autobusai.
    • Any violation (s) of intellectual property rights (rights) of UAB Kauno Autobusai is punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and entitles UAB Kauno Autobusai to claim compensation for all damage caused by such violation.
  7. Final provisions
    • Users experiencing technical problems with the Žiogas mobile app or having other complaints about its operation can contact the Mano Kaunas Service Centre (Kaunas, Statybininkų g. 3), tel. 8 800 20 000, e-mail: mail info@kaunoziogas.lt.
    • On the issues of personal data processing, users can apply to UAB Kauno Autobusai (Kaunas, Raudondvario pl. 105), tel. (+370 37) 36 25 09, e-mail: mail BDAR@kaunoautobusai.lt.
    • Questions arising in respect of topping up of the user account, Ticket validation and their use for trips on local buses and trolleybuses in Kaunas using the Žiogas mobile app are resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


The user that installed “Žiogas” app and completed registration confirms that he understands and agrees with all terms and conditions as well as Privacy policy of the app by pressing

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